Victoria Scout Museum

Victoria Scout Museum maintains a substantial archive of event badges, past uniforms, historical documents and resources for use in displays and attractions, as well as maintaining historically accurate records of our traditions. You can see many of our items on display at the Victoria Scout House, 505 Marigold Road. Want to book a tour? Please phone 250 727 3329 and leave a message or email museum(at)

Victoria Scout Museum, 505 Marigold Road, Victoria, BC is continually adding Scouting memorabilia to its growing collection-badges, books, uniforms, hats, neckers, trophies, banners, and Scout logo items such as knives, axes, pens, mugs, etc., are welcomed. We are particularly interested in local, national and international event badges.

We are pleased to also add Guiding displays from local Trefoil Guild members.

For badge traders and collectors, we do have many duplicate badges, neckers and books for trading. These items are mainly local and Pacific Jamboree event badges, however some of the books are older out of print editions. Victoria Scout Museum is interested in introducing youth members to the fun of badge trading! Are you interested??

Can you find your Gilwell Mascot in the collection below??

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